sounds of '71

music recorded, released and on the charts in 1971, classic rock's classic year ...and related stuff ...and unrelated stuff

"Yes Queen" is right! Take a look at these 1971 ads for Queen, playing with their brand new bassist John Deacon. (He joined in March 1971, solidifying Queen’s classic lineup.) Can you imagine a bill with Queen opening for Yes? How about Queen playing ahead of Genesis? Yep, it was all happening in 1971, also the year that Queen made its first recordings.

They also played a lot of concerts. These 1971 newspaper ads and posters give just a small idea. They were starting to headline some very small club dates, but in others, were opening for the likes of Warm Dust. (Who? Exactly.)

Oh yeah, and the ad featuring, in huge letters, “ROGER TAYLOR” as “The Legendary Drummer from Cornwall,” with his band’s name in much smaller lettering below? This August 9, 1971 show was booked, no kidding, by Roger’s mum. More here.

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